[SOHW1633S>1653S] Have you got a remedy for my poor burns?

Hello all.

I’m french and I have passed all my previous day watching this forum and seeking for solutions.

I will begin with the begining (i think’s that’s better :doh: ).

I’ve bought in September an Acer Aspir E300-JB7T wich is an AMD Athlon 64 3200+ with 1024 RAM some other stuffs and most of all, a Lite-ON SOHW 1633S.

I only realize that I could burn dvds a month ago when a friend asked me if I want him to buy me DVD-R and DVD-RW in china where blank discks are very cheaper than in France (we have got very big taxes). So I make a little Research on DvD different qualities and after i discovered that my Dvd Player only plays DVD-R, I get 100 Verbatim DVD-R (MCC O2RG20) and 25 Imation DVD-RW (CMCW03).

So I quickly make my first dvd burn with my SOHW 1633S BRS7 (I’v never found any informations on this firmware on the internet). My first surprise was that after burning my Dvd-Rw my computer didn’t wanted to read them and worstly didn’t wanted to erase them (with ANY software).

So I begin to think that they might be poor chinease dvds and i tried with the Verbatim’s DVD-R and get that type of poor results with DVDInfo, Nero CD-DVD Speed and with my dvd player (that’s the most terrible ! :a ) :

Or Worst :

So after that I found your site and begin my research and finally update my SOHW 16337 BRS7 to SOHW 1653 CSOT.

Now the good think is that I can erase and reburn my DVD-RW but the results are just a littlle bit better but stay to low for a confortably watch a movie :

So now my last chance is to ask you what to do to finally have great qualityes movies.



The 1633/1653 are not very good burners but … it should be a little better !!!
Download eprom utility (at codeguys.rpc1.org), open the tool select your drive, and “clean” the learnt media.
Also download booktype123 (it’s a liteon utility) and set the booktype as DVDrom for all +R, +RW, DL +R medias.
Ca devrai aller mieux apres!!!

I’m gonna clean my learnt media (I haven’t done that before because I was a bit afraid of all that excessive security asked in the readme file) but for the Booktype123 software, I can’t use that because I only use DVD-R and DVD-RW and this software only support + and an error message say to me that my drive is detected but is not supported by the program.

I’m gonna quickly test my “cleaned” drive :wink: .

Merci d’avance.

Even after “cleaning” my drive I got those type of burns :


So is there a better firmware ? Or anything else to have better burns ?

Up ?

This is much better!!!
Just use better medias!!! This drive loves MCC03 (real ones, not faked ones). And try to burn at 6X :wink:

BYX5 firmware is better for -r media. try it and see if your results get better. liteon drives work better with +r media, so maybe you also change to +r.

Actually I burn at 4X, will I get better results with burning faster ?

I’m gonna try this firmware. I can’t use +R media because my dvd player only plays -R … Or I may change my dvd player but it will be a bit more expensive :rolleyes: … And I have already bought 125 DVD-R so i’d like to use them :o

And fot the BYX5 firmware, is it better to get the patched version or not ?

Ever tried bitsetting (change booktype from DVD+R to DVD-ROM)?

:wink: Leo

You’re right, I’v got to try it ! (After i use my 125 DVD-R :wink: )


I thought you were burning at 8X

Okey, so I’ll stay at 4X.

Thanks for all your advise guys ! :clap:

After a few month of test, I make perfect dvd’s (PIF and PIE always under 10 without peaks and a quality rating of 97% in DVDInfoPro) with my SOHW1633S with the firmware SONY BYX5 and DVD-R Verbatim MCC 02RG20 and DVD-RW Imation CMCW03.

And this with cleaning the memory with EEPROM only once after the firmware update.

So I invite people who have a SOHW 1633S with poor burns to follow thoose advices.

Thanks again to the Cdfreacks addicts :wink:

Hello I think you should try a dvd+ and set the booktype to dvd-rom and I think your player will play them.

Also that last burn will not play? I also think you may need to replace you Player.
Good luck

As somone ask me for, there is the BYX5 firmware :