SOHW-832S writes SLOW

using dvd xcopy xpress my new lite on SOHW-832s 8x burns very slow ( seems like 1x). about 2 hrs to write ( yes im using 8x disc). it reads in about 7-10 minutes, my older 2x dvd writer READS = 7-10 and WRITES=15-20 min. ive tried clone dvd 2 as well, no better.
i was wondering if any one else has had or heard of similar issue’s?

thanks, fluffdad

Make sure the drive is in DMA mode. Are you getting orange lights during the burn?

I get orange lights during the burn!!! What should i do?

well all seem s ok now. got me what was happening.
yes dma is on, green light when reading and red light when writing.

i just read in 8 min and wrote in 9 min. thanks any way, glad that there are places like this to ask questions.

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i found out that i have dma on but there is nothing wrong with having the ornage light on or flashing between red and orange buring burning, the reason is the drive is burning faster than the data comes so it flashes orange. Even with dma on. Any ways there is nothing wrong with the burns so what is there to worry?


my thingy was on dma from the start

Yea, there could be other factors. HDD fragmentation, for example. Wonder what the burst rate for your 832S is…