SOHW-832S since VS08 worse DVD-R writing then with VS04?

I just wondered about my Kprobe results with the VS08 and i burned so far 3 DVD-Rs 8x from Verbatim (printable cover) with it.
The first thing to mention is i think the performance got worse then with VS04.
I posted my results in the media forum in Mitsubishi DVD-R.
I forgot to mention some strange looking spot on the surface of the layer (lokks like some weird thing its a little darker or maybe hmm i cant really describe it )
Maybe im too curious about that the disc plays fine with my Drives (the LiteOn and an LG 8162B)

I looked at your burn. That’s an awesume result. PIs can be corrected up to 280 high. Low PIFs are what really count. What was the total, 5. I’m not surprised it plays perfectly. You should be very happy… :iagree:

hmm yeah ok but the fact is it is not the same like with VS04 so im a little bit irritated.

I guess the only answer is to go back to VS04 and wait for the next update. Then see how that performs… :slight_smile:

I think im going to use VS08 i dont want to downflash the drive ^^’’