SOHW 832s problem with 0 sec pauses between tracks

Hi everyone first post. Right have just bought sohw 832s and am having two problems.

Im running XP SP1 and am using the default MS drivers which date back to 2001.

  1. 0 sec pause between CD tracks doesnt work when using Nero 6 to burn them (get a 0.5 sec click)
  2. I have no audio output when playing back a DVD but works fine when playing back a CD ???

I think the problem stems from my driver as I noticed that my old CD writer (liteon 1620) didnt have a problem with 0 sec pause between tracks when using W98 but did when I upgraded to XP.

So question is does anyone know if this is a driver problem and more importantly if it is where can I get a new driver from (I have looked on the ms site and cant find an update from the windows update page for new hardware drivers - well theres nothing lsited for liteon)

Any help much appreciated…


I use Nero & I have the pause also. However, RecordnowDX burns without the pause. SOHW-832s

The cd audio probably comes via the extra cable on the audio input, DVD audio comes from the wave synth. Open the audio mixer and enable all inputs to find the right one.

Ah so its not just me then - Is recordnow DX freeware ?

Ah right - nice one mate - will give it a try tonight - many thanks for the help.

Ah so its not just me then - Is recordnow DX freeware ?

no but its on the sonic disc that came with the burner.

Ah - ok thanks for th info.

Anyone got any other ideas re new drivers etc or anything else I should check or try as Im sure its a problem with the xp drivers as this problem happened when I used the old burner on xp and didnt happen on w98 ?

It looks like all my mixer inputs are turned on but still no DVD audio…do you have any other ideas what it might be - any help appreciated ?

And on your CD you will find it like this.

@Pinto2, i`ve just read your RNDx guide i installed the entier sonic disc but only use RNDx i would like to uninstall sonic and just have RNDx, but dont know how to cleanout my registry.


ps can RNDx burn mp3 audio discs? i can only seem to burn wav audio cd`s.

@ acko and all RNDX 4.6 users.

After reading (and installing) RecordNow DX as described in above link you will get all your answers in this thread. Credits to topic starter DMagic1 :wink:

MP3 burns?… The bundled (Lite-On) version of RNDX doesn´t include “DJ-burn” function!
I use Nero6 to burn my MP3 cd´s, thank to BoSkin.

Registry cleaning. Read first page in DMagic1 thread. Be careful when messing with your registry! (I love the regedit tool…)

To update your RecordNow DX, two files are of great interest; pxEngine and pxdrv.dxx (x=L). Search this forum and use google. Please don´t pm me asking about these files! :cool:

Note; NO DL (+R9) in RNDX 4.6. Buy Sonic version 7.21.

thankx pinto2