SOHW-832s @ newegg


Thanks! :wink:

And at a pretty nice & reasonable price, too. Wow. Less than $100. I remember when I was buying my 451S and it had cost me $120 from Newegg! Ah, how things change…

Just order one from Newegg~~ :slight_smile:

Is that a DL layer disc that’s included in the upper left of the package contents?

They also have it in white for $97.50 + $4.00 shipping, which is $2.00 less than the black.

I don’t think they will included a DL disc since it’s quiet expensive… Even the Sony 700A too…
I will tell you guys if it included a DL disc.

Methinks Japan’s the only place where DL burners come with DL discs. I have yet to hear of any report of a DL burner package (of any brand) coming with DL discs in the USA.

bah that’s about £55 delivered, they cost almost £90 over here :frowning: