SOHW 832s firmware



I apologize if this info is vague. I updated the firmware on my friends 832s to the VSOG firmware (was using VTS3 firmware) using Flashfix to do this. Now when using Nero to burn it says it burns correctly but it won’t work and you can see on the DVD where it has burnt some of the dvd, but only about a third of it. He is using Memorex 16x Dvd + discs. I did try changing burn speeds (first was 8x then 4x) and different media but got the same results. He could only burn at 2x before I changed his firmware ,but now he can’t burn at all. He has an eMachine T3256 system.Thanks for any info.


Memorex is crap!!!


It’s not very likely that media code is supported by that firmware, and Liteon burn quality is quite often marginal at best even with media codes it does support in drives of this generation. Try using media that is rated a similar speed to the drive’s max rating.


CMC E01 and Prodisc R03 code discs were among the better results I had with my 832S running firmware VS0J. CMC AE1, Ritek G05, TYG02 and Sony 08D1 all burned better than those +R codes but these are -R media so no booktype mods allowed on these discs.


So it could just be the type of discs…nothing else?


Turns out it wasn’t the drive at all. Something was wrong with the image file I was trying to backup. Thanks for the help.