SOHW-832S Completely destroyed my media

I bought a cakebox of 10 DVD+R MMORE 8X rated discs. The media code is MBI PG101R04. Those are the first discs of that media code i tried with my 832S drive.

The drive completely destroyed 6 of these discs :sad: :a

On every discs I burned i tried a different aproach, trying to not wast them!
I tried firmware VS0G. Tried reseting learnt media on the EEPROM. Tried to restore a backup of the EEPROM. Tried the Codeguys firmware CG5G. All discs completely unreadable from the start of the disc.

For Codeguys:
If you want to try some firmware changes on your CG5G firmware, I still have 4 discs to try on.

Even the MBI PG101R03 discs with MBI PG101R04 strat burned a lot better! Those where still usable! These where completely destroyed :a

Help :sad:

disc shortage where you live or something? try some different media

also i find VS0A firmware better than the newer stuff, so try older firmware as well.

Could you define disc shortage, please? Sorry the question!

MBI media is one of the best I ever tried, for all types. DVD+R, DVD-R and CD! I mean it is usually very good quality media! So, why is my Lite-On drive giving me the worst burns ever, with this media?

Even at 4X the discs are useless! My 832S and XJ-HD166S both can´t read the discs. Even KProbing on these discs, takes an eternity to start.

I am so angry with my 832S drive :a

@ engine

I think Mr. Brownstone means: Try another brand or type of media. If they burn correct, then it’s not the drives fault. It could be a bad batch of media!

:confused: Leo

I have also tried VS0E firmware and burn it with the MBIPG R03 strat. The results are the same!

Yes, other brand of media, burn correctely!

So, it may be a bad batch of media. Does it mean, if I buy the same media again, it might burn correctelly? This is the best quality/price media I can find. So I would like it to burn correctelly!


My experience with MBI is limited to burning to -R media 4x, and was exceptional good. So I think it’s a good brand and there is a fair change that another batch may produce good results. But how do you know you have another batch? Can you buy them 1 piece only, or make an arrangement with the seller that you can return the rest when they are not satisfactory???

:wink: Leo

Weird. I’m burning the exact same discs (8X MBI +R discs) on my 832S/CG5G, with excellent results. My guess is that you have a bad batch of media, nothing more.

Oi engine!

Talvez possa ajudar…

My previous recorder was a Lite On 832S. The general idea i have with him, was that it prefers +R DVD than -R DVD.
I did use a lot the Firm VS08. It did work very well for me. The Verbatim +R 4x and Memorex + R 4x, were easly burned at 8x…with Omnipatcher!

Also this unity, don`t like very much of BAD Media…

I recomend Verbatim, Memorex, and + R to -R.

Feel free to PM to me. You can find me at Plextor tread.

Best Burns! Cumprimentos!

yeah I agree. The media batch you got was bad. It happens because they cant quality control every disc that comes out of the factory. only some of them are ever checked. so its not the drives fault. Just keep trying.