SOHW-832S - CDspeed "create data disc" fails with DVD-R



New to looking at disc quality testing, I have just installed a SOHW-832S (VS0B firmware) as my previous LG burner did not support quality testing (home-built PC has ECS K7S5A mainboard, WinXP Home SP1a, AMD XP2400, the burner is on IDE secondary slave (cable select), shared with a Maxtor 6Y200P0 hard drive (used for data, not OS), DMA is on).

When using CDspeed version 3.30 to create a test disc (F9 - “create data disc”), if I use DVD-R 4x or 8x media (burned at rated speed - I have tried several different brands with a variety of dyes (RITEKG04, ProdiscS03, FUJIFILM03 and some “junk” fake TY)), the disc creation always fails at a seemingly random place during the burning, and an error box showing “CANNOT WRITE MEDIUM - INCOMPATIBLE FORMAT (023005)” is displayed. However the “create data disc” test is successful if I use a DVD+R disc!!

The burner and my PC do appear to be working normally; I can use Nero to burn successfully onto DVD-R 4x and 8x media.

Would going back to one of the earlier official firmwares such as VS0A, or using a patched one such as CG3B be likely to solve this problem? Or have I stumbled across a bug in CDspeed 3.30 or in the Liteon VS0B firmware?



if nero works for you then create a data disk in that and use kprobe and nero speed test the qulaity
if cdspeed doesnt work but nero does then its more likely a software problem than a hardware problem