SOHW 832S can't burn DVDRs! Unit or Media?

I purchased a Liteon SOHW-832S DVDRW unit over a NEC 2510a for use under Windows XP (SP2) and Nero Burn Express. Burning DVDRs at 4x have been horrible – the disc shows its folders but CDCheck or copying files off it produce CRC errors. You’d think the drive which created it would be able to read it. Burning at 2x has its problems – There are no CRC errors when played with the 832s but using the DVDR in a different DVDROM (ie. Hitachi GD-7500 DVDRom) produces CRC errors.

Whats going on? I’m using the latest official firmware from Liteon (VS0B). Perhaps theres something wrong with the DVDR capabilites of the drive? It was able to produce a CDR at 40x perfectly. Maybe it has something to do with the DVDR media I’m using (generic bulk - unknown brand). Can you suggest available, affordable bulk DVDRs to purchase which will function at 4x bruning?

I’m burning Data and planning on Audio.


ive had the same problem with a 851@832 and for me it was strictly an issue of the media…I had some 8x certified media(aml002) couldnt not burn at all on it but the nec2500, nec3500, plextor 708, and NU ddr081 had no problems with it…get dvdinfoplus and check out what the media is.

Or simply Nero Info Tool :smiley:

Agreed that the 832S is extremely picky about dvd media (though not cdr media). Further, the fact that a dvd appears to burn ok, verifies ok and plays on your pc (if a movie) doesn’t mean that it will play on your stand-alone player.

“Agreed that the 832S is extremely picky about dvd media…”

Damn. I was basing my purchase on the number of good reviews for an afordable DVDRW and the 832s won out for me. How is the NEC 2510a compared to it? Is it better with media? I want to just be able to read/write various generic bulk dvdr/cdrs. What DVDRW (w/ dual layer abilites) can do this?

Perhaps theres a better performing firmware version for the 832s?

Ok using Nero InfoTool the blank dvdr disc is:
Manufacturer ID: SKC Co.
Blank Capacity: 4.38GB
Supported Speeds: 4x - 2x

The discs which come with the retail 832s are:
Manufact: YUDEN000 T02
Supported: 8x, 6x, 4x, 2.4x


Manuf: RITEKG04
Support: 4x, 2x

The discs look similar to generic bulk. How does one even know whats a good brand before purchasing bulk?

SKC - :Z (for both cdrs and dvdrs)

Taiyo Yuden - very good normally. Surprising that you had bad results with these, if you did. :confused:

Ritek G04 - Hit or miss depending on the batch. Sometimes very good, other times entire spindle of 50 will be bad. :frowning:

Examples of good media for the 832S available in my part of the world-

  1. Verbatim Data Life Plus, any speed, either + or - (outstanding performance but unfortunately not available in bulk and not cheap).

  2. Taiyo Yuden - (in-house brand is “That’s”), 4x + or - (available in bulk and less expensive than the verbs but still not cheap).

  3. Surprisingly, Shintaro (Princo manufactured) 4x - perform reasonably well, are available in bulk and are very cheap (less than half the price of the TYs). [However, stay right away from Shintaro 8x either + or - as these are CMC Mag manufactured and perform abysmally.]