SOHW-832S and weird KProbe results

Hello all,

I’ve recently bought a SOHW-832S drive and started to play around in KProbe v 2.2.3. One thing that I can’t understand is that I get a large spike in C2 errors on ALL CDs that I try to scan at max speed. Mitsui silvers, Verbatim Super AZO/Mitsubishi, anything I throw at it. And the errors are always around 32nd minute. 12x or lower scans are OK, with C1 errors not exceeding 20 in worst case.
Is my drive faulty? I have the latest firmware ver. VS0A.


Standard Lite-On DVD burner bug,IIRC. Don’t worry about it.

most scans are done at 4x for consistency

Yeppers. Liteon just gives HUGE amounts of errors when scanning at max. :slight_smile:

  • Gurm

We’re talking about CD’s here, not DVD. The single spike is a known reading glitch. With some drives it will always occur at the same point in the disc. In other cases it will occur randomly. Right click on the graph and select the option to remove the spike (delete highest value). :wink:
You should be scanning CDR/RW at max speed in most cases.

OK, thanks for clearing that up. I feel much better now :).