SOHW-832S and VDSPMSAB/001/01

I use SOHW-832S with firmware VS0E as well as CG3E recording media VDSPMSAB/001/01 (brand name MEDIA-STORE). I don’t know why in KProbe 2.4.2 sometimes average PI is 15 or 300 (on both firmwares). Why is the difference? :confused:

More information is needed. Is this on the same disc? Is this in different burns? I have never seen this media before, are you burning at 4X rated speed? My first guess would be cheap media but I don’t want to slam something just because I have never heard of it,even if it is made in China.

It is on different burns, of course! I am burning at x4. This media is cheap, but gives good price/quality ratio, when PI is 15 :wink: