SOHW 812s vs. MCC

I´m using 812s for 3 months. I thing great drive. I´ve burned some DVD´s always on MCC (verbatim) made in Taiwan :(. DVD´s weren´t fully filled but closed. Now i have burned 4x fully filled DVD´s and in the end i horrible PI/PO more in att. Qustion is, Bad drive or bad media.

PS I tried to burn FujiFilm (made in germany) and it´s the worst PI/Po what i have seen. PI around 260.

It’s possible for some media to have bad end… Maybee that’s a problem in the creation of the media. I know that it’s the case for princos and other cheap media.
I don’t know your’s…

We found a way to bypass it. When you rip ur dvd, if you use programs like dvdshrink, you can set the size of the dvd that you want make. So in this case, set the size a little bit shorter (50 meg) than the max siez and everything should be ok. Actually the size depends on the quality of the border. Maybee u have to increase this to 100 meg… In this process you lose some quality but too few to notice it unless you use a projector instead of a tv…

Yes, this could be problem But problem start in 450 minute.I try to use +R. When i used +RW i have 2.50 but spikes are under 20 PO.

check the surface of your media to see if it’s regular or not (some are badly made (dark spot on the media for example is not good… seen that once on a princo bundle…)

Hi Geeker,

I noticed that your firmware is version US0F. I also have a SOHW-812S but with firmware US0N. I’ve burned four MCC (Verbatim DVD+R 4x) discs and all were great. Two of them very nearly full at 4.36Gb. Try updating to US0N.

See my post in the Media forum, page 2, post 31.

I don´t believe new firmwares after experience with US0J realy bad fw. But new US0N is protected by encryptions isn´t it. I´m worried that i have no way back to old FW. Do you thing if there is some important differencies in quality betwen + or - MCC

No need to worry. It is possible to go back to older firmware. See C0deKing’s post on page 2, post #30 of this thread.

A number of people in this thread have reported better results with US0N compared to US0J. For example, daz1968’s post #25 at the end of page one. Also last post (at the moment) page 7, post #170.

Sorry, my mistake. I did not notice you were using DVD-R. I have no idea about the differences between +/- MCC.

Good advice BigJas

Yes, all the firmware you need to upgrade and to revert back is on our site.

To upgrade to US0N use the firmware at this link.

If you need information on unpacking the RAR file see this link.

If you decide to revert back to your current firmware use the firmware found at this link.

Re the +/- difference. Liteon writers tend to perform better with +R media, especially at 8x. Also make sure you avoid cheap media like Princo, AN31, AN32. As a rule stick with name brands like Ricoh, Sony, Fuji, TDK…

I tried to use another media. I was very surprised. The media´s are Traxdata Manufactured +R 8x RITEKR03 and -R 04. Great price, great quality. more in att. app. 10$ for 10 pcs. I´ve flashed to 0N firmware for confidence.

Thanks all for advices.