SOHW-812S & Taiyo Yuden 8x DVD-

Please help. I cannot seem to burn this media at 8 or 6x without data verification errors in Nero6. I have looked at the firmware with omnipatcher and it lists the Taiyo Yuden -media at 2x only. Do I set this to 8x?

Also it sometimes hangs during the lead-in and will not continue!(I guess I could try RAW mode but will that reduce the write speed?) :sad:

I have a very powerful computer so there would be no issues there.

You sure you looked at the media code for TYG02? That’s the TY 8x -R media code, and indeed it should be set to 8x in the firmware. What firmware version are you using?

try update firmware to newest

I am using the latest firmware and will set it to 8x. I will let you know later, as I have accidently blown both my 160Gb hardrives!!!

Um wtf?
Blown two 160GB drives? Are you hardwiring these things or what?
Your TY DVD-R scan should look like this :slight_smile:

Yer I unplugged a DVD rom power cable after I misflashed the drive and the crappy molex connector crimps were lose and touched the hardrive carriage!!!

Anyway this evening I will attempt to burn an 8x disk with Nero6 with the modified firmware set to 8x for the Tai media. Will let you know how it goes.

Also regarding omnipatcher, are the radio buttons on the right hand side just indicators or can I set them to any speed I want. Will this then burn the media at the selected speed correctly (I doubt is that easy!). I really need help in understanding omnipatcher and how it modifiys the firmware. Please help!

BTW where can I get hold of K-probe. Is it free?

Try the omnipatcher and the kprobe stickies, we don’t want to discuss the same topics over & over:cop:. Thats what the :bow:stickies:bow: are for. :iagree:

I now have successfully burned a Taiyo Yuden 8x DVD- with my drive. The lastest firmware from Lite-on has the Taiyo Yuden DVD- set to 2x only. I set it to 8x with omnipatcher and it works fine. I guess they made a mistake?!