SOHW-812S problem reading RITEKG05




I can burn to RITEKG05 DVD-R discs (have been doing it at 4x) however once it is complete the verification fails because of unrecoverable read error. I used to use TDK DVDs before this and had no problem with them, and they can still be read now by the drive. I have taken the discs to work where i have a new acer machine (not sure what the drive is) and the RITEK disc that i burnt at home works. I will check another disc tomorrow at work to confirm, but this seems like a strange problem.

I’ve had a quick look on these forums, and i am not up to speed with all the lingo just yet, so please try to explain what i can do with some detail.



Welcome to cdfreaks [B]bobanich.[/B] :slight_smile:

Sorry for a simple answer, but the best you can do, while you still can is to save your “old” burns. This by getting a new burner (Lite_on, Pioneer or Samsung will do) and back up all your old RiTEKG05 burns because they won’t last that long and soon they will completelly deteriorate, ie. becoming unreadable/unrecoverable.

Sorry not being that much of a help with you current questions. :sad: