Sohw 812s not working?

Can anyone help me?
Having updated my firmware to q my drive now will not play dvd’s
and when writing to a blank is below 1x speed and struggles badly.

The firmware said it was successfully updated

Is there anything i can do or have I killed it? :frowning:

Welcome :slight_smile:

If the drive is detected by Windows then you have not killed it. It sounds like the driver is not working properly or the DMA has been disabled. Try deleting the driver under device manager and then rebooting or better still, try swapping the drive from master to slave or slave to master, depending on your configuration. If neither of these work check your dma setting in device manager or by using Nero Infotool’s configuration tab.

Top man !!!
I did what you said and hey presto it is working fine again so many thanks !

I knew i had come to the right place.