SOHW-812S Medium Not Present Only With Princo DVD-R

This One Has Got Me A Little Puzzled.

I Have 3 Lite-On DVD Burners In My 3 PC’s

The One With The SOHW-812S Cannot Use Princo DVD-R’s
It Reports “Medium not present” In All Burning Appz And Utes.
e.g Nero, LiteOn IT KProbe, CloneDVD2 …Etc.

The SOHW-812S Has No Problems With Different Brand Media
e.g TDK, RiTek … Etc. (DVD-R, DVD+RW, CD-RW …Etc.)

I Tried 2 Different Firmwares US0A And US0F
Neither Fix The Problem.

The Other Two Drives 411S@811S And Normal 811S Burns On
Princos With No Problems.

It Fact The SOHW-812S Can Only See The Princo DVD-R Once The 411S Or 811S Has Burnt On2 The DVD-R.

I Have Read In Other Posts People Using Princo Media With There SOHW-812S Drives.


Created A Multisession DVD With A 811S On A Princo DVD-R

Put The Multisession DVD In2 The SOHW-812S
I Could View The Contents.
I Then Able 2 Continue The Multisession DVD With The SOHW-812S.

Once The Burnt Was Complete I Was Able Scan The DVD With KProbe And View The Contents.

I Then Ejected The Multisession Princo DVD-R And Place A Blank Princo DVD-R In2 The SOHW-812S It’s Reports “Medium not present”


Don’t flame me for this…

U’ve got a great, technically advanced burner, so don’t feed it crappy cheap media. Lite on likes good stuff.
If u really wanna burn that stuff, why not get a pioneer 106 or some other burner which is known to like that stuff. Maybe even get an nec 1100 and OC it to 1300. Don’t forget u also lose the speed advantage of buying that newer burner, so ahm, why?:confused:

Repeat - Don’t flame me for this, just my thoughts.

Thanks Booma

I’ll Probably B Buying A NEC 2500A Soon 2 Replace
The Lite-On 411S@811S.

I Know The Princo’s R Cheap And Nasty And I Got 246 Of The Little Bastards 2 Use Up.

Saying That, I Had No Problems With Them Backing Up (Movies And Xbox Games).

I Just Puzzled Why My 812S Cannot Recognize Blank Princo DVD-R
When Others On This Forum R Using Them With The SOHW 812S.


The Question Is :
Is There Any SOHW 812S Users Using Firmware US0A or US0F And Is Able 2 Burn On Princo DVD-R’s.

What I Really Want 2 Know Has Lite-On Blacklisted Princo’s In It’s Firmware US0A And US0F ?

Or Is It Just My Drive ?


Originally posted by booma
Maybe even get an nec 1100 and OC it to 1300.

NO GO! ND1100A cannot be modded to ND1300A because they are electrically different (although just a bit) and ND1100A seems to lack the DVD-R calibration data.
I had one. FW can be successfully updated to ND1300A, Nero reports capability of recording DVD-R/-RW media, but as soon as the write process starts it reports “Illegal medium” (cannot be solved by Herries tweaked fw.) and burns nothing!

thanks for the heads up Davesman. I saw a post about OCing it a few months back, but because I didn’t have any interest in NEC, I didn’t do any in depth reading on it. Thanks for straightening that out.

Originally posted by booma
thanks for the heads up Davesman

No problem! I just wanted to be sure, that nobody will start messing around trying to make their NECs ND1100A burn -R media.
And if somebody wants to…BE SURE TO CHECK NEC FORUM BEFORE!!!

Hi DavesMan And Booma

Sold My PC That Had The 811S Today.
Giving Away My 411S@811S To A Mate 2morrow.

Picking Up A NEC 2500A 2morrow.

Will B Hanging On 2 My SOHW 812S For The Moment
As I’m Still Very Curious About The Princo Issue.

Nice nice, persistent to the end with that lite on. that’s the way:D . I’m sure the 25 will be a great addition tho. Regardless, the bottom line is to make sure u enjoy ur burning. That’s what its all about, and what this forum stands for and tries so hard to promote. So I think I speak for all cd freaks fundamentalists when I say HAPPY BURNING:cop:

ND-2500A is a very good choice with excellent write quality even (usually ;)) on cheap media.
Only reading of damaged DVD media is much worse then LiteON, which is perfect in this task.
But I think … write quality is that what matters most!:iagree:

don’t mean to be a troublemaker but…
from reading the thread in the nec forum concerning the new firmware from herrie and TDB, the nec has those totally awesome kprobe scans, like PI max of 18 etc, and some of the cd speed graphs look like a seismograph. Even tho the scans look really good, some drives (like the jlms 165h) seem to have hiccoughs with some of em. Even tho its good with cheap media, for peace of mind, still try and get good quality if at all possible.

Since I’ve Sold My Third PC I’am Upgrading My 2 Remaining PC’s (Faster Cpu’s Bigger Raids…etc.)

I’am Also Gettin’ As The Readers 2x LTD-166S
To Replace My Ageing LTD-163D’s.

Picking Up All The New Hardware 2morrow After Work.
Will Have My Upgraded Systems Up And Running By About Friday Nite.


Thanks Booma

I Have Brought My Last Spindle Of Princo Shit.

I Will Now Stick With :
Taiyo Yuden (TY)

                               Mitsubishi chemicals (MCC)

                               Maxell (MXL)

                               RiTEK ...etc.

Just Found Out My SOHW 812S Does Burnt On Princo DVD-R’s

It Burnts On RiMedia DVD-R Which R Princo’s.


Originally posted by Pulsee
[B]The Question Is :
Is There Any SOHW 812S Users Using Firmware US0A or US0F And Is Able 2 Burn On Princo DVD-R’s.

What I Really Want 2 Know Has Lite-On Blacklisted Princo’s In It’s Firmware US0A And US0F ?

Or Is It Just My Drive ?

:confused: [/B]

I’m a new SOHW 812 user.

Single test on Princo DVD-R x1-x4 speed, burned x4 :

Message: burned succesfully,
verification : failed

Firmware: US03

To the defence of cheap media. I am personally very happy with Princo’s, they burn good, give decent k-probe scans and are recognized in all players I’ve tried them in. I have an X-box with a phillips drive. Philips’es are not as bad as the Thomson drives some people are stuck with, but it’s not perfect either. Reads all my Princo’s just fine and quick too.

Only thing that might be of some concern is the dureability of the discs. I’m keeping them in a dry, dark place and have had no problems with discs failing over time, but I’ve heard rumors that that is Princo’s achilles heel.

In short: try b4 u buy, and you get what you pay for. I get good, readeable discs for a low amount of money.


Hi Loermansa

I’m Getting Great Scans In KProbe From My Remaining Princo DVD-R’s That Been Burnt In My SOHW 812S And The NEC 2500A.

I Still Can’t Use The White Princo’s In My SOHW 812S Only The Aqua Blue Colour RiMedia (Princo).

So Far The NEC 2500A Doesn’t Mind What I Feed It. (Touch Wood)

I wonder if Ritek’s going to sue them for using the the name “RiMedia”

Originally posted by code65536
I wonder if Ritek’s going to sue them for using the the name “RiMedia”

I dont think so… RiTEK sells all the “C” grade dyes to princo…
They don´t want the s*it on their hands… :bigsmile: