SOHW-812S Japaness review

What the…?

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What the…?

Reading DVD9 i assume ?

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Reading DVD9 i assume ?

Looks like it to me.

i wonder, why is the scan by XJ-HD165H at max is so much worst than 411 & 812…

And with ECC=1, none of the scans are really acceptable!!

Great & certified 8x media TYG02, but not very good result by 812 :sad:

Kprobe does not report acurate results with DVD-ROM’s.

I think those scans are actually very good considering ECC is set to 1.
I wouldn’t really use this review as anything to judge by. The reviewer obviously uses totally different testing methods then we do around here, not to mention the fact we can’t read anything he wrote!

Try to open the url to the Japanese review via:

Paste in the url box, select Japanese to English an click on Translate.

Now you will be able to read it.

Have Fun! :bigsmile:

IF the multitude of kProbe/UMDP2 readings are to be trusted, looks like this drive isn’t ready for general 8x DVD+R burning either. Maybe with TY and some firmware tweaking, but perhaps not yet.

The search continues…

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