SOHW-812s help with latests mods please

OMG, Newbie in information overload :slight_smile:

I have the above drive with Liteons latests FW VS0Q, after reading lots of articles it seems i can get/expect more from my drive with some of the patches, FW and other tweaks that are on this forum.

Without sounding lame and stupid, can somebody tell me what is the best tweaks i should apply without totally short circuiting my brain :bigsmile:

I’m not a serious burner, but would obviously like to get the best i can from my drive.

P3 with XP Pro
DVD Decrypter


PS Wow what a forum, glad i found this, problem is too much info to take in :iagree:

Here a good place to start. Determine what MEDIA you are using (or want to use) then do so searches on your drive and your media. you will notice that ALOT of information is out there…

I have the same drive, and I have patched mine with omnipatcher and 832s Firmware CG3E, and have had VERY favoriable results using FUJI-FILM Tayio Yuden Media

-Hope that helps you get started

I have one of these drives and, since I don’t need dual layer support (yet), I have had no reason to stray from US0Q. Yes, it is OP tweaked US0Q but it works great for me.

As goldenx2001, it really depends on the media you plan to use. I primarily use RICOHJPNR01 4x media and my OP’ed firmware burns it great at 8x. I have also had great luck with MCC003 8x media. But I primarily use +RW and there are no OP tweaks available for those.

Wow what a forum, glad i found this, problem is too much info to take in

Isn’t it fun wandering around with your mind in a fog? :wink:

You see this is where i struggle, what is OP’ed ?

Do i take it that i should choose the disc’s i want to burn with and then set up the drive accordingly ?
What happens if i then try another disc do you have to reset it for them also ?

I feel the fog getting thicker :confused:

OP is OmniPatcher. You can get it at You can also find a lot of other good stuff at the site including the the stock firmware that you will need in order to OP it.

Remember: Flash at your own risk. (I always feel the need to say that but, in actuality, it is really quite safe.)

If you stay with US0Q, unzip OP (with other files) and the stock US0Q firmware to a folder. Run OP, click the Load button and load US0Q.bin. Click the “Apply recommended DVD media tweaks” and click the other checkboxes you would like. I chose “Enable auto-bitsetting” (if you use +R/RW media, you definitely want this one to set you Book Type to DVD-ROM. It doesn’t do anything for -R media.), “Ealier shift” and “force-shifting”. Save the file and then use a firmware flasher (found in post 1 of this thread to put the firmware in the drive.

If you go with the CG?? firmwares, they are already OP’ed so you don’t need to mess with them.

Do i take it that i should choose the disc’s i want to burn with and then set up the drive accordingly ?
What happens if i then try another disc do you have to reset it for them also ?

You shouldn’t have to. The recommended tweaks are a compilation of the best experiences from many users for many media. The only time you may need to do this is if you find some certain media is just burning like crap. In that case, you post your KProbe scan here and people are usually more than happy to help (as long as you have done your homework first).

The EEPROM resetting is usually only used when things just go REAL BAD and you want to start again at square 1. I have never personally needed to use it.

Also, if you have read enough in this forum, you will find the drive needs to do a few burns on the same media for it to “learn” how to burn it well.

I feel the fog getting thicker

Yes, it does that for a while but it will lift. You just need to do a lot of reading/lurking in this forum.

Hope this enough info to get you going. I must sign-off now. Keep us posted and good luck!

@ lightning9 , Mr Freeze
lightning9 makes some excellent suggestions. I would like to add a suggestion or two. I would recommend selecting only the ‘recommended tweaks’, ‘increase…read speed…’, and ‘Enable bitsetting’ per lightning9. I would not recommend either ‘earlier shifting’ or ’ force fallback’ at this time. ‘Early shift’ is for trying to burn a bit faster, and may not work well, it is a risk, but successful for some but since you are a beginner, I would not try that yet(maybe later after you have read more and want to try it). the ‘force fallback’ is a fix for when you have high end PI/PIF. You may not need this fix.
Once you get up and rolling and the fog has lifted a bit, you will want to know how well your burner is burning. Then, you will need Kprobe 2.4.2 to do BLER scans to test disc burn quality. Scan at 4x scan speed, the forum standard for comparison. You can read Interpreting PI/PO error scans to study up on what these graphs mean(oops…thicker fog rolling in…)
As for media, there are several types that have a history of relatively consistent good results…no media is completely ‘coaster-free’. RICOHJPNR01 is a good place to start. They are usually inexpensive and appear under several different brands(not always guaranteed R01 :sad: ) You will have to do some looking around for a local source or online source. In the USA I like Ridata-branded RICOHJPNR01 at Newegg. They are often on sale/rebate for less. IMHO these are best. After getting good media, you can fine-tune your burner/firmware to get the best results possible

Hey thanks guys, this is great.
I’m gonna need a little time to try this, but will post how it works out.
Appreciate you spending time try to “lift my fog” :bow: