SOHW-812s help help help

hi there everyone i am new here, i have just upgraded from a pioneer a03 to this liteon… it writes greats but ohh boy reading is a nightmare. the drive reads everything at a very slow speed… and if i copy a divx to the dvd and play it back it just jumps and stop and i could hear the drive spining up and slowing down. but when i put this in any older drives like the a03 or my sony laptop the drive reads the media fine. so i assume its not the media. at the moment i am running it on secondary master with no slave.

what is the media you are using?

Ensure that DMA is enabled.

yup, it is on dma… and the dvd is reading good in all other drives i am using datawrite yellow 4x dvd-r

When you say slow, how slow do you mean?
Do a speed test with DVDInfoPro. What speeds does it report? If the graph fairly linear?

Is it as slow with original pressed CD’s/DVD’s or just a few burnt DVD’s you’ve tried so far?