SOHW-812s has no tray dust deal/protection?


my Liteon 812s tray doesn’t have any material on the door tray to prevent dust… it’s only plastic on plastic…

are all the liteon like this?

can i add something to to make it better?

Neither does mine…

Dont be too concerned about it…

Afaik, aren’t most drives manufactured this way? Do you know of an example of a drive that has ‘material’ on the door tray to prevent dust?

The NEC 2500 has a rubber seal inside the tray door to prevent/reduce dust getting into drive, whether it works is anyones guess

my older drive (teac 4X CDRW) had a foam material on the door.

Hehe mcbyte. Well maybe because 3-4 years ago, burners were a sign of luxury and now a days, having a burner is normal.

Do you really want to pay $30 for “dust” protection because thats what you get with Plextor and Sony :stuck_out_tongue:

NEC’s are the same price in UK as Liteon even with the “dust protection”

Well I was thinking SOny and Plextor might have those features, and those drives are at least $30 extra then a liton or memorx drive.

Seriosly Plextor is overpriced and isn’t the best ( when you knock the tray with your knee it still breaks :slight_smile: )

Some Liteon OEM’s do have a dust seal around the tray, but retail Liteon drives do not.


I am not saying Liteon Drives are cheap, just saying you get what you pay for.

By the time dust takes control of my drive, I will have already moved to other burners…

interesting… all of my liteons except my 411 and one of my 48161h’s have dust seals. but the rest are either rebadge or came with a computer.

2-cendyne externals - 52246s
1-memorex combo - 48161
1-gateway - 48246
1-cendyne - 40125s
1-buslink dvdrom - ltd163
1-pacific digital-12101b

and the 811s was a pacific digital so i am sure it had the dust seal also.

I guess that my drive sample is too small to make a general statement like that. Sorry.

me no.
i don’t burn a lot, and i had my last drive (Teac 4x) since more than 4 years…

probably this drive will stay till blue-ray will reach 2-4x…

TEAC W58GA (a LiteOn 812s at heart) has a dust seal.

After searching the web for 3 months and reading many reviews on DVD burners I found out the main reason for the rubber or felt around the front of the disk tray is to make the drive quiet. I uderstand your concerns about the dust, but when did they start building things to last ? I have a door covering my drives. The door can be a pain tho. If you have a Drive without the seal you notice the spin up and spin down seems to make more noise. My Liteon 812s don’t have a seal and is quiet, except on spin up and spin down. After reading your post I took it apart ( not all the way ). My drives slide right out and I opened the case, removeing the screws. Then I took the whole tray, all the way out to have a peak inside. I have a line of dust under the front of the tray inside and out. There is not much dust inside, but I can peal it off on the outside just under where the door closes. I have a dust problem do to a gravel driveway. Since I bought a new case that had filters for the inlet fans, I haven’t had any problem with dust building up inside my computer. I’ve had many cd drives and cd burners and never had one stop working from dust getting inside on the eye or parts inside. Some of my old drives don’t have seals either. But, my home audio CD player gets dust on the eye all the time. My PS2 and Home theater DVD players don’t have seals either. Home audio and home audio players don’t spin as fast as your computer drive so they don’t worry about a seal to keep the disk nosie down. I probally could have sumed this whole thing up in a few words, but I wanted to give examples.