SOHW-812S great at 2.4x, bad at higher speeds


I bought a SOHW-812S and two spindles of Ritek Ridata G04 media. I soon found that the G04s were horrible in the drive, and quickly got rid of them.

I bought a spindle of 10 Verbatim MCC 003 discs to find out if they would do better before I bought a larger quantity of them. I didn’t even try to burn at 8x.

When I burned at 4x, the burn was very good until about the 90% mark, where PIs slowly increased to a maximum of 40, and POs did the same to a maximum of 8. (Images are attached.)

When I burned at 2.4x, the burn was excellent all the way through. Maximum 8 PIs, and maximum 2 POs. This is the type of burn that I can trust my backups to.

I noticed in the SOHW-812S review, the reviewer got these same MCC 003 discs to burn with the same very low number of errors at full 8x speed. I was wondering if someone could point me to some things I need to check about my system so that I can at least get 4x, if not 8x, with such low errors.

I have an Asus P4P800 motherboard with the I865PE chipset. P-IV 2.6ghz with HyperThreading, 1gb Crucial DDR400 memory, Windows XP Pro. My primary IDE channel has two Seagate 120gb 7200rpm drives, master (boot) and slave. My secondary IDE channel has the SOHW-812S as master and nothing attached as slave. I have the Intel chipset INFs installed.

Any suggestions?

Oops, I forgot the images of the KProbes…

Results MCC media can vary a lot, unfortunately. I’ve seen MCC media burning at 8x that have PI < 1. I’ve also seen ones with MUCH higher PI. They don’t actually have much production capacity, so they outsource a lot, which doesn’t help matters.

Well, considering that, and with Riteks apparently going to crap, what media do you suggest I try with this next spindle I’m about to buy? :slight_smile:

Also, can anyone recommend places on the web to buy media?

If you live in the USA, you can look at this post:

But even the Ricoh media listed in the post that everybody in this forum loves so much can be variable. My most recent Ricoh batch is giving me MUCH more error on the same drive, same system setup, etc., as my old batch. :sad: It seems that DVD media makers simply aren’t as consistent as we’d like for them to be, and there’s not that much that can be done unless you’re willing to keep shelling out a premium for TY (they’re so expensive…)

Ive had similar probs where I cant even write at 4X let alone 8X

and have yet to resolve it :?