SOHW-812S firmware upgrade/performance tips



I recently got back into ripping some more of my DVDs. In my new pc I have a Samsung (TSSTcorp
Product: CDDVDW SH-S223C) of course I found out some DVDs don’t rip and come to a complete halt after about 4-7%. I’m sure this has something to do with Riplock and from what I gathered there’s no patch for this. So I pulled an old drive from a recyled PC, KHypermedia KDVRWDUA (Lite-On SOHW-812S). Same “problem” disc ripped fine. Now I want to use this as my rip drive, but I’d like to upgrade the firmware with a performance patched version. The stuff from 'king is huge. If any has or had this Lite-On version…can you direct me to thread or links for best firmware upgrade path? Thanks


Here is a good summary of different firmwares. (Note that the links to no longer work, but the other ones will probably be quite useful.)