(SOHW 812S DVD Burner) during burn process system reboot

Hi Everyone,

I just purchase an SOHW 812S DVD Burner and I am unable to burn movies. I can how ever burn files from my Hard Drive. I am using DVD Shrink, DVD Decriptor and Nero 6. I have tried everything to solve my problem with not luck. Upgraded firmware, created an ISO then burned the ISO, decrypted the movie into VIDEO_TS/AUDIO_TS then burin it to the DVD. I also made sure that the drive is set to DMA mode instead of PIO. Still having the same problem. If someone can help I would be very grateful.

My System
CPU = AMD Athalon 1ghz
RAM = 768mb
Drives = Primary IDE
Master = 40 GB HD
Slave = 40 GB HD
Secondary IDE
Master = DVD ROM
Slave = DVD Writer SOHW 812S

Can you give some more info, why can’t you burn movies? Is there an error message or something?

All you need to do to backup a discs is Decrypt the files with DVD Decrypter (although I think DVD Shrink can do this for you now), process the files with DVD Shrink to a different directory to the source files. Then record with Nero, i.e. select the DVD Video option, and drag and drop the DVD Shrink processed files to the VIDEO_TS folder. That’s all there is to it…AUDIO_TS doesn’t get a look in!

If you’re struggling with DVD Shrink you could try DVD2One, it’s much simpler to use, but unlike DVD Shrink you have to pay for it…

What happens is during the burning process the system just automatically reboots. Then when I long back into windows an error message states that the system has experience a serious system error.

i tried with the same drive to simulate a write on -R media (Doesn’t work on +R) to see if the configuration is ok, but after 1GB of simulated written data windows blocked completely, mouse doesn’t move, nothing…

DMA is on, dvd rip is very fast, writing to CDR is ok.

i have a Asus A7V133 (Via KT133a chipset) with 4-in-1 installed
Roxio Easy CD creator + Drag to Disc
Nero 6 (pack 1 [nero itself] + pack 2 [nero vision])