SOHW 812S drive with Sony DRU-700A VY02 Firmware? Possible?



Howdy, I recently purchased my first DVD RW, being the Lite-on SOHW 812S. I was reading my monthly mag (APC - Australian Personal Computer) and it listed this site, which is how I found it. It mentioned that the 812s had been successfully flashed with the firmware from a Sony Double Layer DRU-700a VY02. Now I have been searching this site for the past 2hours and have found nothing about it. Well not completly true, it was quickly mentioned in the review of the 821s, but nothing to go off really.

Can anyone fill me in???

Wolfie :iagree: :stuck_out_tongue:


They use the 832S which is the dual layer version from liteon same as the sony … Look under that.


hey thanks


The Sony firmwares are not as good as the true LiteOn firmwares.