SOHW 812S Coasters non-stop

Ok, this is my first time I think posting on this issue, For a while my drive (SOHW 812S) would burn well, but then it stopped burning accurately. CD’s burn fine, but DVD’s just don’t.
I am using WinXP Pro, reformatted a few times to no avail,my computer runs fine otherwise, but burning DVD’s just does not work. I constantly get bad DVD Burns, this happened sometimes with HP, constantly with RadioShack DVD -R (that is all I use), Memorex I never got a good burn, Sony I get good burns sometimes. I disable everything when I do burn a DVD, but I am just about lost. I want to be able to Burn DVDs no problem, like Data DVDs or Movie. Memorex DVD+RWs seem to never have a problem, but they are at 2.4x speed. Please Help :sad:


I think the best thing to do is buy some decent Quality media and see how it burns or buy a new burner, The newer Lite-Ons are not as picky with media! So if you want to keep using cheap media your best option is a new burner. :slight_smile:

But I got Sony and HP, which are quality premium media, I understand the store brand was crap, but why Sony or HP.

Hahahahah Sony don’t make DVD Media them selves they buy it from who ever is the cheapest. Your Sony media is most likely CMC media and they are not very good you can say they are crap! Have a look on the packet and see where they are made! Is it Hong Kong, China or Taiwan? I had an 812S and it’s a great burner as long as you feed it quality media, try some Verbatim or TY! My one used to burn very well on Ricoh media. :slight_smile:

I had verbatim a while ago, they burned well, but I still had a 15-25% bad burn ratio if I recall.

RicohJPN R01’s would be the way to go, unless they have updated the firmware recently. All the Yuden T02’s I burnt with my 812s had to be reburned because of a crap write strategy for them. Those Ricohs can be found under many brands, but I would try to find some Imation or FujiFilm branded 4x+R’s if I could. The RicohJPN R02’s are also pretty good, can be found under several brands as well. Do a search for them at Pay close attention to the Made in “XXXXXX”, as this varies by media code, not by brand, so that you can make sure to get the correct discs. Stay away from any Memorex branded media!

Sony media is either made by Daxon (if 8x+R MIT) or TY (if 8x+R MIJ). 16x+R MIJ is usually Daxon. There have been reports of Yuden T03’s, but not in USA. 16x-R’s can be TYG03 if there is an octagon spacer instead of the round one.

HP is normally CMC MAG, but there is some MCC media code floating around for HP branded discs. Memorex is crap, doesn’t really matter what media code it is.

What firmware do you use.

Latest US0S.

I have used that one.

Try with Verbatim again.

Something could be wrong with the dvd laser. Know LiteOn problem.

Time to buy a new drive.