SOHW-812S CD multisession problem

Hi All,
I simply can’t manage to burn a multi-session ISO CD with my new SOHW-812S and Nero
Whatever I try, the disk always seems to end up “finalised”, i.e. if I try to add another session, it says “the disk is not writable…” etc.
I’ve tried different disks including CD-R/W, each time ensuring that the Nero radio button for “start multisession” IS selected. The checkbox for “finalise” is naturally greyed out UNchecked and write method is “track at once” and greyed out.
But after the first burn, “Disk Info” shows my disk as “CD-ROM” and “Read-only CD”. I cannot “continue multisession”.
On the other hand, DVD-R and DVD-RW seems to work no problem…

I feel I must be missing obvious but I cannot work it out…
Burner firmware is US0F. Operating system Win98 with Athlon CPU, VIA chipset and latest drivers.:frowning:

Any ideas?

  • Steve

I have found the solution, posting it in case anyone else has the same problem:

The problem was related to the VIA chipset drivers in use.
I had got the VIA IDE Miniport Driver loaded, which was necessary for correct operation of my previous CDR (Plextor).
I replaced these with the VIA IDE Filter driver and problems with the LiteOn have gone away!

  • Steve