SOHW-812S & AN31 DVDs

I was looking at the media tests thread posted by OC-Freak here regarding the AN31 media. It seems that for the LiteOn 411S & 401S@811S, the write results are pretty bad, exceeding 280 PO & 32 PI in some instances.

For the Pioneer A07 & LiteOn 812, the results were better (within acceptable limits).

If I have a LiteOn SOHW-812S, should I buy this media? Mea_culpa’s results at the end of the thread could have been a lucky one and I wanted to know what the general consensus is on the 812S burning AN31 media… :confused:

It is being sold as “{DV 3119} Infosmart Unbranded White Top (4x) DVD-R in Tubs of 25” at Blank disc shop.

Thanks :slight_smile:

AN30, AN31 and AN32 are generally considered really bad media :Z with any burner. Of course there can be some exceptions…

If you haven’t bought them yet, my recommendation is to avoid them!



I have LiteOn SOHW-812S and my experience is not good with that kind of media. Really bad media. I advise you to not buy it.

Thanks guys, I will avoid it. In the end I bought some Ritek G04 discs.