Sohw 802s to 812s flashing problem

ok i purchased a lite on sohw 802s with the hope that i could flash it to a 812s so i followed the instructions for the autopatcher and everything looked ok but then when its finished flashing the red light on my liteon keeps flashing even after a reboot and i also noticed i cant read any cds or dvds is there something i am doing wrong? Any help would be greatful


You have to use omnipatcher to enable crossflash. The 832 fimrwares will also work on your drive, you can find them on the codeguys site. Check the sticky Omnipatcher thread for details.

yes thanks for the reply the 832 firmware works excellent and does this mean this drive supports dual layer without flipping the disc I mean to say is this truely a dual layer drive now cause of the 832 firmware?


Yes, it will now burn dual layer media (8.5GB), but it is still very expensive media, unfortunately.

Hi guys, i know this is an old thread but im really having a problem with this issue and i think i need firmware or updates or something, see im not exactly computer savvy, so i see you’ve tried helping the people in the previous posts but i have the LITE-ON DVD+RW SOHW 802s, and i went to the pages u all listed and couldnt find mine listed, and i’ve heard if you dont do things right you could really mess up your computer, so what im asking is if someone could help me find some firmware or updates or patches or whatever i need, please, hahaha i been tryin for a week now, so here’s my problem

i try playing a DVD movie that i purchased legally in the US, and thats where i live, so i dont think its a region code issue, in my dvd/cd-rw drive that came with the computer and i get this message when i double click the icon for the drive in my computer, “Windows cannot read from the disk. The disk might be corrupted, or it could be using a format that is not compatible with Windows.”.

I have the Compaq Presario Sr1130nx, i have areadly updated my intervideo windvd player and it still happens, but it only happens on some DVD’s, another DVD i purchased the same day from the same store play’s back just fine in the same drive, i tried it in my friends DVD player. could somone please help me with this issue, i know its an old thread

another note, in My computer the icon for the drive is a cd on top of the drive and next to it it says DVD/CD-RW Drive (E:), and after i put in the DVD that gets the error message, the icond turns into a big cd and underneath it it says DVD-ROM and next to it it now says CD Drive (E, do you think the drive is thinking that i put in an audio or data cd and thats why i get the error message?

thank you

hey guys, i have no idea what this is:

DVD Region+CSS Free enables you to watch & copy region-coded/CSS-encrypted/ARccOS-protected DVDs on any (including RPC-2) DVD drives without flashing firmware. DVDFab Platinum (DVD copy software) also has such functions. Both software is safe and easy to use. Download a FREE trial!

but i found it on another page, this page:

will this help out my problem, cause it says it will enable you to watch and copy all that encrypted stuff, but i dont know what im doing, so can someone help me? thank you