Sohw-802s question



I have a relative who just purchased a new HP system with an sohw-802s drive. After several tries with DVD-R media without recognition, I ran Nero Infotool and learned that the drive does not accept any -R/-RW media. After a little research, I saw that the drive is similar to the 812/832 drives AND i did not find any sort of info on the Liteon pages (both US and Taiwan). My questions are:

Is a crossflash possible? If so, what stock firmare is suggested? My only concerns are that I know 812/832 firmwares are DVD-R capable and if the 802 doesn’t have that ability, is it worth it to even enable it?

Thanks for any and all help :cool:


Yes, it’s possible to upgrade the drive to a SOHW-832S or a SOHW-812S. See