SOHW-5239V (CD-RW) insane jitter - ditch?

I’ve heard about of the write quality of Lite-On CD-RWs but people still got by with them alright…right…right? :o

Anyway the CD-Rs I’m using are 52x Verbatim DataLifePlus silver printables, and the scans are all done on a BenQ DW1650 which I bought today :slight_smile:
Using Nero Create Data disc (burnt on # at max speed detected):

  1. Lite-On SHM-165P6S (32x)
  2. BenQ DW1650 (48x)
  3. Lite-On SOHR-5239V (40x)
  4. LG GCE-8525B (52x) <- sold it cos it’s beige and can’t scan (*)
  5. LG GSA-4163B (40x) <- broke :sad: , replaced by 165P6S

(*) was supposed to be replaced well by this 5239V

and some notes on these scans:

  • ignore the high PIE counts; Kprobe on the Lite-On shows great PIE results…(I read here that BenQ jitter is accurate but the rest is biased if not burnt with it)
  • jitter for the 5239V-burnt in question was the same at 32x scan and early in the 24x scan

The point :wink:
Basically if it’s crap :Z and I shouldn’t use it I’ll cop the small restocking fee and get it refunded. And if I should refund it, should I just burn CDs on the BenQ? or should I get say a different CD-RW (suggestions? anything as good as LG but can scan?), because I’ve read somewhere that BenQ has some fits with some CDs and RWs.

This has only been widely reported when BenQ drives scan certain discs burnt at certain speeds on certain drives for [B]DVD[/B] media, I’ve never seen reports complaining of [I]‘bias’[/I] with scanning of CD-R media. (I’m not stating it may or may not exist but I have not seen the evidence). As for Lite-ON scanning of CD media, I have read comments about it’s possible over-tolerance to potentially poorly written CD-R.

Scan with your LiteOn CD-RW. :frowning:

Scanning with the LiteOn SOHR-5239V won’t change the quality of the disc - it will only report it differently.

My LiteOn SOHR-5239V doesn’t even like to admit that there’s anything seriously wrong with my “test CD” that I use to compare C1/C2 scans in several drives, except when I scan at 40x.

My BenQ and Plextor drives agree that the CD-R burns performed on my 5239V (and on another 5239V that I returned to the shop) are nothing to write home about, and that most if not all my other drives burn the same batches of CD-R media with better quality.

I can’t say whether the high jitter reported by the BenQ drive is accurate, but nobody has proven it to be inaccurate for CD scans to my knowledge.

Based on my experience with this drive, it’s not a very good CD-R writer.

:iagree: 1000% agreed :iagree:


It is not a coincidence that the jitter spike and the jitter=0 in the LiteOn scan both coincide with the BenQ scanner’s slowdowns.
Rescan :slight_smile:

This happens often. No need to be worried about. These artifacts can be ignored.

Rescan :slight_smile:
Waste of time.

Lol, I’ll just double check here; you’re talking about the 5239V right? :iagree:
(edit: after re-reading all the posts, yes I’m pretty sure - back off to shop u go!)

It is not a coincidence that the jitter spike and the jitter=0 in the LiteOn scan both coincide with the BenQ scanner’s slowdowns.

As said it’s normal. I first found out about it here through Google, and have seen it in scans here as well.

Oh yeah, and the Lite-On doesn’t show jitter.

I think I’ll pick up an LG again - I haven’t seen evidence of the whole wasting “life” of the DVD burner burning CDs, but I still think that logic makes perfect sense.

Just as a follow up, I returned the LiteOn the next day and today picked up an LG which turned out to the 8527B. Done a couple of CD-Speed test burns (at max speed) and the old 8525B (~3.5 years) seems to be better (much lower jitter) :doh: . Maybe I should just swap the faceplates over and keep using it :stuck_out_tongue: . (the sale fell through so I still have it)

I don’t know why the 27B has that weird burning speed thing near the end of the disk - happened on both tests. Heh, maybe I should’ve tried burning with the old firmware (1.03) first.

Thoughts? Which one is the better to keep?

  1. 8527B scanned at Max
  2. 8525B at Max
  3. 8527B at 24x
  4. 8525B at 24x


I think, it’s clear, isn’t it? :bigsmile: This one:

And thanks for the work, you’ve done here, as I thought about getting a LG CDRW drive. Seems, as if all new CDRW drives are junk :a (maybe except Plex Premium), so I save some money…


lol damn, the faceplates aren’t compatible :doh: (not just in LED position but mounts as well).

Damn, why must I be so shallow with drive color :sad:

New CD-RW burners might not be so doomed after all. I found a spindle of BenQ 52x “Vinyl-like” media and the 27B makes a decent job of it. Although personally for me though it’s kinda a moot point cos my primary media are the printable Verbs. I’ll use the 25B or LiteOn 165 for those then.

Burnt with:

  1. 8527B
  2. 8525B
  3. BenQ 1650