SOHW 1693S vs SOHW 1673S




I am in the process of selecting a few drives to throw into a Dell 8200. I am currently poking around Newegg and came across the Liteon models in the title, and beside a $3 difference in price, I can’t figure out what the difference between them is. In fact, one offers free Fed X saver shipping, so essentially the price is the same when figuring that into it.

Also, I am going to buy a combo drive (Liteon SOHC-5236K) to use just for ripping and CD burning. Any quality comments on this model? I have used this model in one of my home builds and I have had very good luck with it. Hundreds of burns and not one coaster.

Any advice, opinions, or comments are greatly welcomed.



Go for the SOHW-1693S as it has support for double layer DVD-R as well as double layer DVD+R …


Ah, thats the difference. I did not see that listed on Newegg.

Thank you



The 1693s is the improved version of the 1673s which was apparently prone to some writing problems - I personally have gone with the 1693s - and am happy that I did-



Absolutely 1693!!! You just need few bucks more to get a better drive!!