SOHW 1693S vs Philips DVDR+?

Hello. I have a Liteon SOHW-1693S KSO9 and have bought bunch of Philips DVDR+ 16x with mediacode; INFOMER30. Wich is my Liteon not very glad for?
The question is, what to do to get my medias burn and work properly with my DVD plyr? I have tried to burn media with Clonedvd, wich i have used i 2-3 years. Nero 7.0. All of them was not able to burn anything beacuse of poor media? I did pay reasonable price for Philips and can’not understand that media is such crap?
Hope somebody would help? Thanks in advance.

1- Update your drive to KS0B
2- Slow down your burns (8 X should be fine).

Hello. I was very glad for my KSO9 and was working with Verbatim, Fuji, Ritek… you name it. That’s why i did not change my FW. And, i always burn at 8x. But i will give it a try.

You can alway come back to KS09 using


it seems as if Liteon drives don’t like this MID. I did only one of those with my 165P6S and the results were not good. So I use my Philips or Benq burner for these discs. Results are acceptable then.


Hello. There is again problem with my Liteon. Now, i have changed my old FW KSO9 for KSOB. Seems like Philips media wil burn now? But after first burn it’s look like it was a " empty " burn? That was not first time for me to my drive burn a empty media’s… Someone can explain this?