SOHW 1693S - Recognize some media/not others

i have a problem with my lite on drive. drive has worked well since i first recieved it (4 weeks ago)however 2 days ago it decided to fail in the middle of a burn with nero.system was rebooted and try again.same problem however , now, the burner sees some media not others . sees some cd’s burned with data
but not other cd’s it saw 2 weeks ago. sometimes I get an error “the disk in drive is not formatted. do you want to format it now ? YES/NO”.the drive is spinninghowever when checking disk properties it fails to list the space on the media. the drive sees dvd’s i have backed up and i can watch dvds through powerdvd,but cant write.the weird thing is i have an old Mitsumi cd burner which i reinstalled and it only sees certain cds as well.i did alot of reading hear and cant see anything like this.i did remove a virus from my system about five days ago but dont know if that may have something to do with it.any help is greatly appreciated.
Thanks from the great white north.