[SOHW-1693S] Problems Reading/Writing CDs

Hello there,

I’ve got big trouble with my brandnew SOHW-1693S. Originally, it was an Sony DW-Q28A, but though I had trouble writing and readings CDs (CD-R and Audio-CDs) I thought that crossflashing might help. But it didn’t :sad:

It recognizes CDs in one of ten times, and if I want to burn a CD with Nero, it doesn’t work with an error message like “energy calibration error”.

I can’t get it back to the store, because my dad bought the drive in whole PC and I got the drive because he didn’t need it. But he is working fine with his new PC and I am about 500kms away from him and he don’t want to send his whole PC back to the store (it was a large store like walmart, no specialist store).

Has anyone an idea, what I can do to get the drive working with CDs?

Thanks a lot!


Hello Paloema:

SOHW-1693S is the Liteon drive, but here is LG bord. Maybe you should move this post to Liteon board.

Sorry, my fault!!!