SOHW-1693S Or SHW-16H5S ? For Error Scanning

OK, ive decided im going to get a Lite-On burner as a error scanner as the drives i have dont really do a good job. I have oppted for a Lite-On It seems to be one of the best for error scanning. Now i have a choice of a SOHW-1693S or a SHW-16H5S. Which of the two is the better drive ?? Im guessing the 16H5S is newer as it has lightscribe.

Now i know the Lite-On drives are excellcent for dvd error scanning but how good are they for cd error scanning ??

The 1693 is the latest and greatest of the “3” series Liteon drives. It may even be the last “3” series drive to be produced by Liteon. The 1635 (no lightscribe) and the 16H5 (with lightscribe) are the very first of the new “5” series drives, using a new chipset. The “5” series drives are so new, no one knows very much about them yet.

The firmware for the 1693 is mature, the firmware for the 1635 is still quite new. The 1635 may have (probably has?) a longer, brighter future, but no one knows that just yet. I already own a 1693, and I am very happy with it. I have ordered a new 1635 to play with, and I will have more to say later…

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As for CD scanning, I haven’t scanned a cd in so long I really wouldn’t have an opinion.

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The 5S drives have the ability to monitor the burn quality by looking at the reflection of the laser. This should produce better burn quality across more media.

But yes the firmware is not mature yet and LiteOn is very slow to release the latest versions on their site. :frowning:

I picked up 16H5S drive and i’m very happy. burn quality on good media, seems to be better (using first fw avail for this drive) than it was for 1653S/73/93 when they were released.
Also LS is working very decent, so i see no real advantage of having older drive.

My 1635 reads fewer errors than my 1693 on the same disc, but the difference is not huge. It appears to be an excellent reader all-round. Now if we could just get the rip-speed locks fixed. :wink:
Either drive is great for scanning, as are all the LiteOn drives. None are more “accurate” than others, as no such thing exists in error scanning. Put it this way: the 1635 is slightly more “forgiving” of disc quality than the 1693. I think OCFreak has gotten similar results.

Ok cheers…

So is the 1635 the same as the 16H5 just without the lightscribe ? can any of you other nice folks tell me if they do cd error scanning great aswell ?