Sohw-1673s won't burn at lower speed 2x - help

Hi guys,
I’ve just got the 1673S DL burner but I’m having trouble burning DVD’s lower that 4x speed.

The DVD-R media that I tried are TDK and Princo.

I burn my DVD’s at 2x speed because it works on my DVD player at home. If its burnt higher then that speed it has trouble reading the discs.

So right now I’m having no luck burning at a lower speed. I can’t understand if its the Drive or the Media thats resposible.

I’m use Nero burning rom

Appreciate any help.

Quality DVD media can be burned at higher speeds and still play back on most devices. Have you considered using different discs?

Try Upgrading your Nero…I have the same drive/Princo 2x discs burn fine.
Don’t buy those discs anymore, not really the wise way to go.

thanks for your replies.

Now I realise that Princo is not that great a brand I’ll avoid them in the future.

But TDK is very good and I’ve been burning them previously with another burner at 2x speed and they work fine.

It just after I installed the Liteon burner and perhaps reinstalled Nero that I have come across this issue.

I will take ur advice and upgrade my Nero software and see if it helps.

Do you think LiteOn set the lowest write speeds for certain media in their firmware ??

you can check that with OmniPatcher

I’ve used OmniPatcher on my sohw-1673s. Still haven’t tested though, but nero now shows possibility of burning at lower speeds.

I suggest you to use Nero and Verbatim DVD-R with that drive. I have 1653S@CS0G and I burn movies on Verbatim DVD-R 8X certified (MCC 02RG20). All copies are excellent (PI max = 15-20; PIF max = 2). Use latest firmware.
Avoid TDK & Princo. Princo is bed, and TDK is bed with LiteOn drives.

Do some testing with media you can buy around.