Sohw-1673s wont allow DVD+R to DVD-rom Bitsetting?



A fews days ago I updated my Sony DW-D26a to the latest official lite-on SOHW1673s firmware (JS0C). Everything worked fine until today I went to burn a DVD+R and now I find that neither kprobe or cdspeed will allow me to bitset the booktype to DVD-rom. (Unfortunately I have to do this or my home player wont play dvd+r).

What’s the story here, the old Sony firmware allowed me to booktype set DVD+R to DVD-rom without any problems. Now when I try to change the booktype in cdspeed nothing happens and when I try it in kprobe it just says “f/w not support”. Any ideas?

BTW. I’ve temporarily flashed it back to Sony firmware “JYS2” so I can burn these DVD+R’s. I’m not sure if JYS2 is what I had originally but it was all that I could find from Sony. Hopefully if someone can help me sort out the bitsetting issue then I can go back to the liteon firmware for better media support.


What about DVD Decrypter? That always seems to work even when the others don’t. And are you sure that you are using the latest version of the Booktype Utility?


kPROBE doesnot allow to bitset the latest FW (with both 1653S and 1693S). You have to use booktype135.


Thanks heaps guys. I’m searching for " booktype135" now. I’ll give it a try and let you know how it goes.


Ok that works thanks. :slight_smile:

That program seems a little quirky though, no matter how many times I selected “DVD-rom” and clicked “set” both the “current media type” and “current booktype” fields remained at “DVD+R”, even if I re-queryed it. So I thought it hadn’t worked but burnt a disc anyway just to check I found that it did indeed work and the booktype of the resultant disc was DVD-rom as required.

So the booktype135 program works ok but the way it displays the currently selected booktype is a bit weird. When I changed it I also ticked the “save to eeprom option” so hopefully it will remember the setting and I wont need to do it every time. Hopefully that setting also works for me.


Current Booktype is what is currently written on the disc. Use it to check to see if a disc has been successfully booktyped (i.e., after it’s been written).


Yes it will!!!


I have a Lite-ON DVDRW SOHW-16735 and it was working good. The only problem I had it would’nt burn to DVD+R Disk.

I read about firmware upgrade, so I tried it and that was the wrong thing to do. The firmware was [JS05] then I upgraded to [BSOS] and after that my computer will not notice that the burner is even there and the green lite just keeps blinking.

I’m running Windows 98SE and like I said it worked good all but the DVD+R disk until I upgraded the firmware.

Could anyone Please Help me with this???

Thank’s A Million…