SOHW-1673S & SOHW-1693S - technical differences?



Can anyone tell me if they are technically similar? Will cross-flashing a 1673S to 1693S yield similar results ? Or did Lite-On redesign the drive in some way ? I’m asking because I can get the 1673S for a significantly cheaper price than 1693S.

Thanks in advance for your replies.


basically they are the same. but a real 1693s performs better. i would get the real one and i think many others, too.


if real one performs better, then they are different. it’s one or the other, it cant be both…


the hardware is exactly the same…

a 1673s@JS07 works as good as a 1693s@KS04.

a 1673s@KS04 isn’t as good as a real 1693s. but if you don’t need dvd-r9 burning the 1673s is a good choice, too.


I would not say that with such certainty! The only evidence of this is sparse and anecdotal. Right now, there is no evidence that I see that indicates that the performance difference of a physical 1673S and a physical 1693S is any different than the kind of difference that you’ll see between two different physical 1693S drives.

Now, it is possible that a physical 1693S might tend to be better than a physical 1673S because over time, LiteOn may have refined its manufacturing and calibration procedures, but there are always going to be subtle differences between every drive that gets produced simply as the result of normal manufacturing variance. Two drives that came out of the assembly line right next to each other will not necessarily be identical, and I’m sure that a good 1673S drive could very well out-perform a bad 1693S and vice-versa.

Remember, you want to look for differences that are statistically significant, and in this case, you have to show that the inter-1673S/93S variation is greater than the intra-1693S variation.


In shops in my country … 1673s/93s = same price buy a 1693s