SOHW-1673S Replacement



I am trying to find a replacement for a SOHW-1673S. I found in the forums that the SOHW-1693S should be compatible. However, it seems both models are so old that you can’t buy them anymore. I did find a couple of used 1673’s on e-bay, but I am leary of buying a used drive since the one I currently have has started to generate a lot of coasters. I imagine the life span on these things is limited.

I need something with direct compatibility as it will go into my LVC-9006. I already replaced the original drive (DDW-813S) in the 9006 with the 1673 a couple of years ago.

Can anyone tell me of a newer drive that would be directly compatible with the SOHW-1673S?


One from the list for 5xxx recorders should work at as well as the Memorex MRX-530L according to post #139 on page 6 of that thread… Note all models newer than 1693 lack VCD record ability, and many freeze on fast forward. The Sony DRU-120C and DRU-190A don’t have freeze on fast forward, and the latter may be easier to find since it’s one of the newer drives that’s compatible. The LiteOn SHW-160P6S, SHM-165P6S and LH-20A3P may also be cross flashed to DRU-120C and DRU-190A to gain fast forward function.


Thanks bevills 1! I just ordered a Sony DRU-190A. Now I only hope I can finalize a stack of discs I have that I burned with the 1673S, but not finalized. I mean I hope the 1673S will finalize them. It works sometimes, but is creating a lot of coasters now. Haven’t tried to fialize any discs with it since it started having problems.


FYI the Sony DRU-190A is a rebadged LiteOn, and the Book Type Utility may be used to bitset DVD+R to DVD-ROM while connected to computer to increase playback compatibility if desired. I did that with my LiteOn SHM-165P6S cross flashed to Sony DRU-120C because I have a DVD player that will play no LiteOn recorder recordings with either +R/RW or -R/RW media except when book type set to DVD-ROM for +R/RW media.