SOHW - 1673S Problems with CDs NOT DVD

Hi everybody:

I need your help, I have a SOHW - 1673S DVD/RW and it was working fine until yesterday, I was copying a CD with Nero and an error appeared and saied I couldn’t, I don’t remeber why but the real problem is this: Since that happend I can not read CDs or burn CDs, but the wierd thing is that it actually does read and burn DVDs. This has never happen to me before, and I just want your help, cause I tryied fixing the problem reinstalling the driver, updating the firmware from the liteon site, but the problem persists.

Any ideas? I appreciatte your help.


Abraham Rea

the drive’s cd functionalities are gone forever… there’s nothing you can do to fix this but to get a new drive.

make use of the warranty!

what version of NERO were you using? That’s important for others to know…as there were threads about this before.

The laser head is either out of alignment or completely broken, probably impossible for a user-level fix. Similar to how those old VIC 1541 drives went out of alignment… use your RMA.

Thanks Chok0 and Falkentyne,
I will use the guarranty just as Chok0 tells me, but could you tell me what was the cause of this failure? And Falkentyne, I was using NERO V6.


noone knows for sure what causes this problems. i think there are only comedians working at liteons quality control.