SOHW-1673S: Just won't upgrade!


I built myself a brand new machine and chose Lite-On over Sony coz of the higher ranking it achieved at

Well, I haven’t been able to use it for any purpose except installing XP…In other words, in Windows it does not read any disc…Not entirely true…For some reason once in a while it reads a disc or two!!

Firmware Upgrade Story:

-> i downloaded from
-> i downloaded 1673S.JS0B.stock.rar from
-> i downloaded 1673S.JS01-JS02-JS05-JS07.stock.rar from
-> i downloaded from
-> finally, i downloaded Firmware Flashing Tool v1.0.0 from this website

My drive’s details as found by Firmware Flashing Tool are:
-> 0-0-0-0 D: LITE-ON SOHW-1673S JS05 2005/02/23

Now, each of the XFlash executeables when double-clicked on followed by Update button give the following error:
-> “Unable to flash firmware. Please contact with your vendor”

So, next, I attempt flashing using Firmware Flashing Tool where I get the following error:
-> "Failed to write bin code.(040803)

Please advise me on what I should do next…thx in anticipation!

P.S.: How do I find out precisely the current firmware of the drive? any tool?

you already answered yourself…

if the drive can’t read the discs you throw in, bring it back to the store as it could be faulty. a firmware update will not help in this case.

ok…roger that!

will b returning the drive tomm itself…will post back w/ progress.


P.S.: Does Sony rebadge LiteOn drives?

yes, all sony drives since the dw-u18a are liteon rebadges.


…wud like to mention again though the fact that the drive works faultlessly outside of Windows…the ‘boot from CD’ option, that is…remember i installed an entire operating system using it?!

do you have admin-rights in windows or just guest?

Are admin rights needed to flash the drive? Looking at the flasher, it seems that the flasher is what checks for admin rights (this option does not appear to be turned on most of the time) and if it’s an admin rights issue, then the flasher will complain.

The fact that the drive works fine outside of Windows and the fact that you got a strange “unable to flash” error seem to indicate a major misconfiguration in Windows. But since this is a fresh install of Windows that you have, that doesn’t seem very likely either. Did the drive work right after you installed Windows and before you installed various device drivers?

Another thing to check is cabling. Make sure that your IDE cable is good and that connectors are secured properly.