SOHW 1673S Had to go



Couldn’t put with the drive creating more coasters than I’ve got cups for ,so go it has.
Picked up a nice little Asus 1608P ( Pioneer DVR 109 rebadge I think).
Fast drive ,but as yet not fully supported in softwares because of it’s newness.
Still got the old faithfull LDW 851S c/f to SOHW832S (cheers CoDeKing) ,it’s never let me down and still gives excellent burns.
Best of all I now get to play in 2 forums… LOL :slight_smile:

Oh just in case anyone thinking of getting ASUS DWR1608 ,it doesn’t support booktype change ,unless someone want to region hack and fidddle with f/wares HINT. :slight_smile:

Cheers All