SOHW-1673S... First DVD Burner

I’m looking to get my first DVD burner. What I want is to be able to backup DVD movies. I have no idea what the difference between DVD-R, and DVD+R is. Do DVD movies have protection schemes like game software that you would need a certain burner to make backups that are playable on a home DVD player? If so, can the SOHW-1673S pass it?
I know I need to look elsewhere for ways to backup my movies, but is this considered a capable drive? I’ve been using Lite-On CDRW drives for a while now, and they are great. Hope the DVD burners are as good.

Movies don’t require a typical drive, as long as you use the right software.
the 1673 is a good burner. It is also a good cd reader/burner as most liteon drives.
+R medias can be turn to dvdrom media and be supported by most standalone readers.
-R can only be burnt as -R. But this type of media works as well as dvdrom in most standalone.
Liteon tends to prefer +R medias. It does’nt mean it gives poor quality burns with -R medias. If you use good quality medias it will burn it as well!!!
The only advantage for you in buying a liteon compare to any other brand is the very strong community around this brand, and their very good waranty support.

I’ve got the 1673s also, and it has sucessfully done everything I’ve asked of it. Backed up movies play on several different DVD players (I’ve tried four so far), and CD burns are fast and accurate. I mostly use +R but I’ve also done some -R burns, and while the KProbe scans for +R are a little better, they are both excellent and work with eveything I want them to. I only use Taiyo Yuden blanks in mine…

If you’ve been happy with your Lite-on drives in the past, you will continue to be happy with this one.

I agree with Bichonn: The best reason to stay is Codeking and his forum…

All new burners burn good quality.

I think it is more a question of using good media.