SOHW-1673S disappeared after update

…I cross-flashed my 1673S to a 1693S (It was a Sony DW-22A or DW-26A or something, whichever is a 1673S), and it worked fine for a few months. I didn’t push the write speeds past what they were at the 1673S level or anything.

Suddenly, I come back from Winter Break, and when I start my machine, my DVD burner doesn’t show up in Windows or the BIOS. I made sure cables are plugged in and everything.

It will open/close and the green light goes on when I put a disc in, but it won’t work.

The only reason I updated is because the 1673S firmware was giving me horrible PI/PO ratios, and coasters.

I also realized I can’t burn a boot disc because my drive is screwed, and it won’t read mtkflash because I have my drive as NTFS.

Would mtkflash even see it if Windows won’t?

:frowning: What can I do to fix it?

id help if ai new the answer .its sad there inst to many people who are helpful on this forum today.only thing i could guess is perahps some one played with ya pc while ya was away. did ya try to set ya ide in bios to aurto and perhaps try as new ide cable and make sure ya dvd got power?i suck at helping cause i dont know much

I am a little rusty with the Lite On tools but did you try this. It seems odd that the drive just doesn’t show up all of the sudden if it was working after the crossflash. Did you change any of your BIOS IDE settings? Should be set to Auto Detect like sasha7777 mentioned. Also check both ends of your IDE strap to make sure they are properly connected.