SOHW-1673S cant do media quaity scan in CDSpeed?



Is it normal that an SOHW-1673S cant do media quality scans in Nero CD-DVDspeed or is this due to the fact that mine is a crossflashed Sony DW-D26A.

I picked up this drive a few days ago to do some media quality (PI/PIFscans) and I was surprised that Nero CD-DVDspeed wouldn’t allow it (it just says “Drive does not support this function” when I try).

All previous liteon burners I’ve tried in the past have done PI/PIF scans in cd-dvdspeed without any problem so I figured something in the Sony firmware was blocking this function. Now I’ve just crossflashed it to Liteon SOHW-1673S official firmware JS0C and everything works fine, except CD-DVDspeed (v4.01) still wont allow it to do a PI/PIF media test. Is it normal for this drive model or do you think it’s a result of the drive being crossflashed?

BTW kprobe runs properly and does media scans no problem on this drive.


this isn’t normal and shouldn’t happen with a crossflashed drive. even a real sony with stock sony firmware can do a quality scan.

do you have nvidia ide drivers installed on your system? if so, uninstall them and try a quality scan again.


Thanks for the reply chok0, I thought it should be able to do quality scans even with the stock sony firmware. Well I dont know what’s wrong, it’s still giving me the “this drive does not support this function” with either firmware, perhaps I will try it in another computer.

do you have nvidia ide drivers installed on your system? if so, uninstall them and try a quality scan again.

Actually I have no drivers installed other than the default drivers that WinXP-pro loaded at install time. This is a “spare” computer that I just re-formated and reloaded, so there’s nothing but a bare WinXP install plus Nero plus Kprobe loaded at the moment. At least kprobe is scaning properly and its result look as expected so I doubt there is really anything wrong with the drive. Weird?


Ok I’ve got it sort now. It turned out that it was just the “speed setting” that the hardware did not support. I hadn’t noticed before but it was set tp scan at 8x as default, if I set it to either 4x or max then the problem goes away. I know it’s best to have it set to 4x anyway.


You should have seen what happened when I tried to do a CD media scan with the kprobe setting set to 4X…(1693s)

It just reported constant errors…no C1/C2 at all, just errors :frowning:
Set it to 24x and it was fine…??