SOHW-1673S and MCC 00RG200 disks

Hi all
My SOHW-1673S has major problems with MCC 00RG200 -50 disks (Verbatim DVD-R 2x)

Nero gives me errors on burning Lead-in or Lead-out… and makes my disks useless…

it seems started from a past firmware update (probably J0SC)

now i have J0SD

i have a lot of these disks …

anyone have such a problem?


The 1693S usually burns -R very well. Verbatim -R can be quite variable between batches. You may have just gotten a very bad batch in this case. I’ve got some MCC02RG20 that are a disaster as well.

You could try a reset learn using the [thread=112103]EEPROM Utility v3[/thread]. Remember to backup your EEPROM first. :wink:

Thanks for reply…

probably it is bad batch…

but others burners don’t have problems with them… boh
And i’m quite sure that they worked with the original firmware :rolleyes:

only a question:

Do you reccomend me to:

Downgrade or upgrademod to 1693S firmware ?

Thnanks again

If that is the only kind of disc you are burning right now, I’d definately go back to the f/w that works best with them… until they are gone. Then you can go to the latest version.