SOHW-1653S bug: in KProbe scanning any DVDR always is errors at the same place



Couple of days ago bought Lite-On SOHW-1653S model and tested with it DVDRs I recorded at my workplace with SOHW-1213S and noticed that KProbe (v2.4.2) always reports errors (PUH skipped at LBA …; servo error) when it scans at MAX speed (selected maximum in KProbe) in the same places for every DVDR when speed reaches 5,1x at 25% of the disc and 7,5x at 79% of disc. At the begining i taught maybe it’s fault of my recorder at work, but then i burned a couple of DVDRs in my own recorder an after that scanned them - the same errors at the same places. Tried different discs - no changes. Updated firmware to CS09, also doesn’t help. Recorder at my work don’t show theese kind of errors and DVDRs burned with my burner is good quality. Seems that my recorder only reads badly them, in those places I mentioned above (25%,79%) speed drops when ripping DVD with DVD Decrypter.

Seems that it’s likely a hardware fault. It’s on warranty so I think maybe the best way is to bring it back to store so they change it. I’m so mad at the moment, because always when you buy something useful it always has some bugs that breaks your mood down to zero. :(((

I hope that someone who reads my post will give me a good advice.


@ JollyRoger
Welcome:). Does your 1653 have those same error spots when you do the Kprobe scan at 4x? If your 1653 is scanning badly ONLY in those spots AND has errors ripping ONLY in those spots and it burns fine and your 1213 at work can confirm this thru testing as you have done, then I would also think that the drive is defective…that is a strange defect. You could try a nero cd/dvd speed transfer rate test with a few discs to see if it happens in the same spot(it probably will, it seems you have tested things thoroughly). That would give you some printable proof to take to the store when you return it.


Thanks for advice about Nero CD/DVD speed, it clearly illustrates those points. I uploaded a picture of it. 1653s.jpg

And about KProbe with 4x speed: there is no errors. Btw my DVDRs was recordable at 4x maximum, so i didn’t test recording at higher speeds, but i’m aware that at those points there could also be problems - bad recording. Write tests will be to expensive for me, because in my country one DVDR costs aproximately $1,50.


@ JollyRoger
Well, that is a bit inconclusive as the blips are where you said they would be, but they aren’t really horrible. Could you post Kprobe scans of a disc that exhibits the traits you describe, scanned at 4x speed in the 1653 AND the 1213 so we can compare and contrast(two scans of the SAME disc)? After the scan select the diskette icon on the toolbar before ejecting disc, and save as a .png file. Attach to a post using the ‘manage attachments’ button in the ‘go advanced’ reply window.


OK. But these thing I only will be able to do tomorrow.


KProbe results:


@ Jolly Roger
From those 4 scans, I’d say your 1213 is a poor reader/scanner. The 1653 results look very good. This is a bit contrary to what you were originally saying, but if these discs play OK, I am thinking that you have nothing to worry about…just don’t trust your 1213 scans. Whichever burner you burned these discs with is doing a good job.

PS…there are a lot of options available to update your 1213 to TS0D, or even upgrade your 1213 to a 1633 or 1653. See the F.A.Q. for LiteOn Optical Drives