SOHW-1653 on USB 2.0/IDE Connection

have you ever use an USB2.0 to IDE converter on a DVD-ROM/RW or any type of drives? i just want to know if USB can supply enough data to drive w/o data failure. i bought USB 2.0 to IDE HDD Drive enclosure on my 120G Seagate. but when i pluged my CD RW or DVD RW, It recognize the drive on a USB connection but it wont write nor read the disc inside. what do u think?

Yes, a USB enclosure should work. But not all enclosures will work, and not all enclosures will be able to supply the data rate needed for 16x. I don’t really know much about enclosures, but you can see what people are saying in the big enclosure thread here:

It doesn’t matter what drive you use; if an enclosure works for one optical drive, it should work for all of them, and if an enclosure has issues with one optical drive, it should have issues with all of them. There are a few exceptions, but that’s how it generally plays out.

well, Im not in on the big bulky enclosures. I want is an IDE port only, i realy like my drive to be exposed and not to be enclosed ^_^. well i guess i have to find suitable IDE converters that match up my drive. I realy want to believe that it can get to use with it so that i can free up my IDE’s and add more HD’s! More HD, more GB and More Files to be burn! BTW, ive read about USB 2.0 transmissions as well as USB IDE converters, USB 2 can tranrecieve a maximum of 480Mps ( or 60MBps of data rate) Like an UDMA 3 specifications (66MBps). now my DVD -RW’s only need 5.5MBps (4x) when Writing a data and 6x-16x when reading. now my problem is, my host controller. im using an add-on Via Chipset USB 2.0 4port+1 PCI Card on my PC. And when my USB HDD pluged onto it, im experencing Data block when im using it more often. and i dont want that thing happened while im burning.