SOHW 1653 FW CS0P released

I honestly don’t know. It’s not a simple change. I’m busy at work and codeguys site being down is not helping…

In the mean time you can use MCSE if you want to test strategy swaps. You will loose the target strategy, but for testing this does not really matter.

Verbatim MCC003, 8/12x branded, burned @ 8x, 1213S@1653S CS0P

Not bad :slight_smile:

CMCMAGAE1, DVD-R, 8x@12x PCAV, 1633S@1653S CS0P

CMCMAGE01, DVD+R, 8x PCAV, 1633S@1653S CS0P. Aside from the glitches in the beginning, otherwise, it’s not a bad result.


It seems that characteristic giant PIF spike at CAV writing area is nearly disappeared when the measurement drive is BenQ. But the spike is still seen at inner area of CMC.MAG E01.

so should i upgrade from csom?

This is a huge improvement. Usually the scan results of any burn from my 1213S@1653S in the Benq 1620 are shocking. These results with CS0P are excellent :). This should mean that the discs perform much better in standalone players and other drives. This is a very good reason to upgrade to this firmware…

First scan 4x and second at 8x

i guess its backuptime and then time to upgrade, should i do a media reset too?

media reset isn’t neccessary, only if you get terrible results.


TDK DVD-R 16x Rated : [DVD-R:TTH02]

Burnt At 12x
Burn Time 7:40

The Same DVD Above Scanned At 5x With A NEC-3520A

Chok0 Plextor also describes what the update fixes or improves. Check this page for the 716A model:

Liteon is maybe the only one that does not give details for the firmwares

ok, i don’t wanted to know all the firmwarepages, just show that liteon gives as many information as other companies.

look here:
for example the 811s firmwares…

but lets stay ontopic

The MCC004 strategy appears to be broken in CS0P :(. Two discs from two batches of MCC004 and they both refuse to burn above 8x. They have never had this problem with other firmware. Max speed is still shown as 16x in disc info.

that’s bad news!!! I just got 2 spindles of 25 of them!!!

MCC004 burn very well with CS0C and CS0K

when are you going to update omnipatcher to work with CS0P?

Well I just tried a Verbatim 16x DVD+R (MCC 004) and it did burn at 16x (used an .nrg image)! I upped the reading speed to 16x in the fw in case that’s important.

The result is not that pretty towards the end, but it’s the best 16x burn I’ve made with my 1213S@1653S- no PIF mountains :D. I’ll do a transfer rate test with my LTD163 when it’s available again later this aft.


CS0P does work with Omnipatcher

RicohJpn R02 (Platinum inkjet printable) on SOHW 1213S@1653S:

This is my “bread and butter” media. The results are similar to what I’ve been getting with CS0K. The 2 discs I did with CS0M had ca. 8-10x as many PIF’s. The 2 discs I did with CSTJ were split between these counts, so that may be due to variations within the lot.

I think I like this firmware!