SOHW 1653 FW CS0P released

CodeGuys unscrambled, crossflash, ledfix

lol, today i just asked OC-Freak if he could give me CS0P and now it’s official. now let’s wait for C0deKing’s ledfixed one :slight_smile:

/edit: i can flash CS0P to my dru710a with the stock flasher! strange, but nice :wink:
looks like a new flasher…

Thanks for the heads up Scour :slight_smile:

I knew this would happen while my site was down. Tomorrow I’ll setup a firmware page on the cdfreaks site and post this firmware with ledfix. If I get time before bed I’ll upload an unscrambled version and post a link to it here :).

chok0, maybe this is Liteon’s way of making up for not releasing BS42 ;).

Too late for me!!! I have done the ZEBRA eeprom modification!!!

I’ve posted a single packed file with all unscrambled versions of CS0P (stock, cf, ledfix):

The sad news is that strategy switching doesn’t work with CS0P because the bank that needs the strategy patch applied has no room left for the patch :(.

does it means this FW is heavier then others because it has more strategies???

Does it mean that we can’t use omnipatcher to switch strategy on liteon firmware any more ?? :frowning:

More media strategies and more code.

It will require a major change to the patch for it to work again :(.

OK guys, send the pics. I still have three more hours before getting out of work!

official CS0P, burnt 5 .mpg files @8x, burn time 12:30 (this happens when i don’t use speedpatch… why?)
this is the best disc i ever got with my drive…

what firmware should I choose? The codeking’s (ledfix) or the original CSOP one?Which is the best?

12:30 minutes for 8x writing? Isn’t it too much?

Ok here are some quick tests with CS0P fw using nero speed3.80 to burn and scan so we can see the writing graph over read scan graphs.

both media are maxell brand one is +R the other is -R both burned at 8x

yes, as i said, longer burntimes happen if i use stock firmware (without readspeedpatch).
it could also be computer related, as my pc is running since last week’s monday and the hdd makes a weird noise while burning. i’ll make another test burn, right after booting, when i have to restart it next time.

i made some more burns and it gave the best results so far. my dru710a never burned fine, but with CS0P there aren’t any problems. i’m happy with CS0P now.

take CS0P ledfixed one. it’s nice to see red light while burning :slight_smile:

I wonder why Liteon doesn’t give an exact description of what is exactly updated by the firmware, and only writes generic statement “match more media”. I think it is the only company that does this

lol, other companies do not relese as many fws as liteon. and if they do, there also is no exact changelog.

do you know a manufacturer that describes what has been changed in the new firmware?
can you give a link?

pioneer does it all the time so does BenQ

i only looked @ benq’s global site. there are no infos on firmware:

but pioneer… not very informative.

liteon could really give more infos. but hey, they even mentioned the bitsetting support and the improved readability for discs in dvd players and xbox drives for some older fimwares!

go 1620 fw icon on benq global and click the little pencill icon you see info then.

Well as I know,you are busy ,but i kindly request that :
When do you expect do,major update to omnipatcher support CS0P ?